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Felt Snowman Gift Card Holders

HHC - felt snowman gift card holders

Merry Christmas everyone!

The big day is here and i finally get to share my felt project – some felt snowmen gift card holders.

Sometimes no matter how much you want to get someone the perfect gift, you just can’t get your brain to work, and at least with a gift card you can be sure that the recipient can buy something they truly enjoy. That’s what happened this year for my nephew Kyle and niece Bethany. But i wanted to add a little bit of a personal touch to show them how much I love them – something that a gift card simply doesn’t portray. So i made these little personalised, monogramed gift card holders.

The inspiration came from a pin on pinterest – i wish i could credit the original, but the pin doesn’t link anywhere, but here is the original inspiration piece:

Inspiration for HHC Snowman giftcard holders


I have made a video walk through of how i made these little guys -why not take a look whilst you digest some turkey!

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you and your family a very merry christmas.


And yes, i did try to heat emboss on felt…it kinda worked!

HHC: felt snowman gift card holder cu2

HHC: felt snowman gift card holder cu2

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