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A New Look ( and few Cards)

Have you noticed? A new header! Yeay!

I am thrilled to be making progress on the blog makeover! I have been crafting more in the last four weeks than i have all last year, so i have been looking for a way to commemorate this new start – and what better way than a little cosmetic change!

I have been off work due to surgery on my back, and all this free time has allowed me to do the things i have been wanting to do for a loooong time.

Check out the new header! I am loving the new clean look! (major thanks to Mark my Techie who managed to kick out a few bugs in the system during the changeover! xoxo).

I have also been working on a new intro for videos, so watch this space, hopefully i will get that ready for the next video.

I also have been fighting with YouTube, and finally have some Art for the Channel. WooHOO! You can find me at www.youtube.com/hungryheffy – go and check it out!

I am also cruising on Instagram now www.instagram.com/hungryheffy

lots more things to do….and excited that i am actually able to do them. I might never go back to work! 😉

Here are a few cards that i had on my computer from last year but never got round to sharing:

First up, creating a candy cane background with one small but cute stamp:

This one is inspired by a pinterest pin. Check out my ‘crafty paper’ board for more cool card making pins.

More stamping to create a focal element on a card – with an arrow stamp. This one has a great masculine feel perfect for dad.

And another Fathers’ day card – with this whale, who is one of my fave stamps!

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