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Using Glossy Accents As A Mask

I have been wanting to get my greedy paws on some masking fluid, so i went online, ordered it, got so excited about the possibilities that i started planning a card, and THEN, totally found a work around!

With Masking fluid, you don’t have to cut around post it notes, or teeny images if you want to stamp or ink on top- you simply ‘paint’ on a liquid, let it dry and then stamp on top. The top surface is rubbery, and can be simply erased or peeled off when you are done. When mine arrives in the post, i am sure i will share some projects with you.

However, i decided that i would try to use glossy accents to ‘mask’ an image, then ink the background.

The little girl is from My Favorite Things, i stamped and coloured her using colouring pencils. When i was happy with her, i covered her in glossy accents and left her to dry overnight.
I am the WORST person when it comes to sticking your finger into half dry glossy accents – i have learnt the hard way to move on to something else, then go back the next day.

After she was dry, i secured the panel to a craft sheet, and added some Distress Ink in Cracked pistachio colour and a little Everygreen Bough, using a mini ink blending foam tool. To add some texture, i spritzed the ink with some water to get some cool water droplet effects.

The ink did go over the glossy accents, but because it is a non-porous surface, i simply took a paper towel and wiped it away. Good as new.

To finish the card, i simply added an embossed greeting to the top.

I like how this turned out, but the girl still has a glossy sheen. With masking fluid, you would not get this in the final product, but i don’t think that really matters. The glossy sheen just makes the girl stand out even more on the final card.

I hope you might give it a try too!

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