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Scrapbook Tour – Celebrating (Inter)National Scrapbook Day 2016

Hey there crafty friends!

Did you guys get super crafty over the weekend to celebrate (inter) National Scrapbook Day? I noticed quite a hive of activity on Instagram and Facebook groups, with lots of challenges and other fun ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to get scrappy, as we had other plans over the weekend. Plus, it has been sooooooo long since i scrapped it would probably take me all week to finish a page! 🙂

I’ve been watching some Sketchbook tour videos on YouTube recently, especially from some artists and illustrators that i follow, and so i thought it might be fun to share a scrapbook tour with you guys. It seemed only fitting, seeing as it was iNSD recently.

So here is a video showing you one of my most recent scrapbooks. Yes, the products will be older, but a lot of the design techniques and layouts will, i’m sure, still be used for inspiration.

I hope that you are inspired by some of my layouts, and maybe even get a bit crafty yourself!



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