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Introducing Heffy Doodle – A new stamp company in town!

Finally… the wait is over!

Last night in the CCWM YouTube LIVE stream, not only did I show you how to make an interactive card, but I also FINALLY shared a huge announcement! eekk! 🙂

Introducing – Heffy Doodle!


Heffy Doodle Stamps

That’s right! A new stamp company in town! Woohoo!

Over the last year I have been doodling, designing, tweaking, sampling, experimenting and creating… and now – all the hard work has all come together!

Heffy Doodle is a new craft company, specialising in stamps and dies. We will be launching our new family run business via Kickstarter, which will launch on July 3rd.

Last night, live on air during my Come Craft With Me LIVE stream – I made the big announcement – you can watch the playback in the video above. I also gave everyone a sneaky peeky – or rather, a cheeky sneaky peeky – as I don’t want to give too much away at the moment.

To kick things off we made the Heffydoodle.com website live last night, along with opening up social channels across twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram. Over the course of the following weeks, we will be sharing more sneak peeks – and the full reveals will start on 28th June. Then, on July 3rd, the Kickstarter will be live and you will be able to place your orders!

To celebrate this MASSIVE announcement, on last night’s CCWM LIVE show, I made a peekaboo card featuring some Heffy Doodle stamps – let’s take a look!

Card made with Heffy Doodle Elephant Stamp

I used some distress oxides to blend the pink and blue panel on the front of the card, and accented my card with purple cardstock. On the front is this sweet Heffy Doodle elephant, and you can see a message through the aperture, along with a cute cake. Let’s see what happens when we open the card…

Card made with Heffy Doodle Elephant Stamp

PEEKABOO! I love these kinds of interactive cards! I think they are so fun! When you open the front flap of the card, another elephant mysteriously appears in the aperture! BOO!

All the stamps on today’s card are Heffy Doodle stamps.

A huge thank you to everyone on the LIVE stream who shared my excitement and for all the amazing encouragement that I have had already. I am so excited – and just can’t wait for the Kickstarter to launch on the 3rd of July.

Don’t know what Kickstarter is? Well, essentially it is a way for us to collect pre-orders as we need to reach a minimum number of orders before we can start production on everything. The Kickstarter will be running from 3rd – 31st of July, and assuming we reach our target we will be starting production first thing in August and shipping out to you shortly after that. If you would like to be kept in the loop with the latest Heffy Doodle news and announcements – sign up here.

So here’s the deal – we need your help! PLEASSSSSEEE 😀


For any new company, marketing is the big challenge, and for Kickstarter to be a success, we need as many pre-orders as possible. SO here’s how YOU can help Heffy Doodle

  • If you have a blog  – please tell your followers about Heffy Doodle. To use the sneak peek photo above – click here. Link to HeffyDoodle.com and encourage everyone to sign up so they can get Heffy Doodle updates
  • Follow us on Social Media – see our sneak peeks, share them with your community. Tell your friends, talk about Heffy Doodle in forums and your crafty groups.

Instagram – @heffydoodlestamps

Twitter – @heffydoodle

Facebook – @heffydoodle

Pinterest – @heffydoodle


Thanks again for all your support – with your help, I hope that Heffy Doodle will be a huge success. I can’t wait to see what you make with these designs!

Join me for more sneak peeks over the next few weeks, and on next week’s Come Craft With Me YouTube LIVE video, I will be using another Heffy Doodle stamp set -so you will get another peek at some of our range!

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