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CCWM- playing with nuvo gilding flakes

On Friday’s Come Craft With Me live stream, I was playing with a new-to-me product – nuvo gilding flakes.

I don’t normally add a lot of foiling to my projects but I really wanted to try out some techniques with this cool product.

First up I used some double sided tape to create foiled lines on my card. It’s so simple and effective – so much so that I actually used this technique on another card later in my stream to give it extra shine.

Next I used a product in my stash that I haven’t used in years – it’s called stamp and bond, and essentially it’s like an embossing powder that creates a sticky glue area. I definitely think this needs a little bit of skill, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I purposefully used a distressed outline stamp as I thought that style would be more forgiving. I love how the gold shines on the inked background.

For this card, I used some stick it adhesive on craft foam to create this golden frame. I used the Heffy Doodle clover frames for this, along with the Lucky Friends stamp set.

It looks a little raggidy around the edges but apparently a stiff bristled brush will help burnish away parts that should be there.

I actually made it to FOUR cards! Woah! For this one I wanted to experiment with my glue pens.i grabbed the one I had to hand which is the Stix2 2 way glue pen – and it worked perfectly! Soooo perfect!!

I wrote the word sister with my glue pen and waited for it to dry tacky. The rest of the card came together quickly with sticky tape gilded lines and some heart dies from lawn fawn.

So here’s what I learned about nuvo gilding flakes

– get a bigger tub. Get one BEFORE you even open this one

– experiment with brushes to burnish away the excess. Try soft brushes, stuff brushes, paper towels, sponges … all sorts

– the flakes are soooo soft. I swear the feeling of gilding flakes stick to craft foam is almost as texturally pleasing as stroking puppy dog ears

– there’s actuallylots of ways to use this product- which means I’m more likely to use it. I love versatility.

– you can rub the gilded areas with a tissue to make it shiner. It’s so cool.

– and lastly, I learned that I should definitely try some more things, even if it feels out of my usual comfort zone.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s the video if you wanna watch it.

X hugs


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