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Hi everyone,

This page is a little outside of my comfort zone as I wanted to use a busier pattern for the background, but I love the finished piece. Above all, i am in love with the fact that i have scrapped one of the stories in our lives. It started with a simple family exchange of “I love you” – “I love you too”, but then it grew into a fun story of how Piper has translated this now she recognises counting.

For this layout I have used jellybean soup products and this page was ideal because of those numbers. I found it was a fun way to incorporate the theme of numbers into the page and still look great!

 To make the number 5 stand out i cut out some thin circles using punches and circle dies, and i also used a ‘love you’ script sticker. On the left I used a ‘love you’ stamp to stamp five lines of greeting, but then used individual letter stamps to add the words ‘one, two, three, four and five’. At first this was stamped on a rectangle, but it was a bit dull so i cut the paper to make it look like these were little flags.

Here’s the journaling:

“It started as a quirky conversation but quickly escalated into one of your playful characteristics. Right now you can’t say ‘i love you’ without ending up with ‘i love you five’. In fact I’ve noticed recently that you skip right there, and i just LOVE it! “

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I keep most offcuts in a little box, and every so often I challenge myself to make cards using only those scraps.

One weekend I was half heartedly watching a movie on the iPad in the craft room whilst making a layout and the layout finished before the movie. I grabbed my scrap box and started pulling pieces and building little self assembled embellishments. I didn’t dwell too much on matching colours or worrying about what they would be used for, I just kept going until the movie finished.

As the credits rolled I looked at my desk and I kind of surprised myself. There were loads, and it wasn’t long until inspiration took flight. I grabbed a photo and used a grid type design to build a layout about Piper and her cousin Jack.

Because the elements were already assembled, it took no time at all to put this layout together. Once again I didn’t get caught up in the colours or styles, I just went with it. I love that the layers give lots of interest and dimension too!

What a great way to use up those scraps and transform them into beautiful elements that quite frankly could cost a lot of money in the shops.

See ya later alligators!


Hello Everyone

Oh looky here! A VIDEO! whoohoo! Its been ages since I last shared a video with you, lets hope I havent forgotten how to do it!

This is a walk through video, where I talk you through how I have built up this scrapbook page, walk you through some of the decisions I have made and give some tips – its always good to share tips, right?

Inspiration for this layout came in two forms, firstly POLAROIDS, hmm love ’em right now and I was desperate to make some cut files for my silhouette.
And secondly – Jen Gallacher. {I have a not-so-secret scrap crush on this girl!!} I actually feel that her style can be similar to mine at times and she always inspires me. This time I was inspired by this awesome layout.

Jen Gallacher : Memories Made Video #12: Motherhood by the Numbers

You will see that I have taken inspiration from the pennants on the right hand side and also the little flourish of butterflies. Thanks Jen for another inspiring layout! Check our Jen’s Video here.

Enjoy the video and please do leave me a comment if you get a chance. [ Love getting comments- 🙂 ]