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Basic Grey Rub On Tool

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I love rub ons. I love the way they look in their packets, the versatility of being able to put them onto paper, ribbon, canvas, wood, acetate and all sorts. They just seem to scream out ‘buy me’ in the shops. If you are familiar with rub ons you will know that most come with a lolly pop stick in the packet so you can use this as a tool to burnish the pattern so that it transfers onto the desired location. The lolly pop stick usually works quite well as the blunt flat edge allows you to burnish quite a large area at one time. However sometimes you may want to use an embossing stylus as your preferred rub on tool. These work great if the design is quite delicate or fine such as the flourishes which are very popular right now. However I want to tell you about the new basic grey rub on tool which has reinforced my love of rub ons and is making me want to throw all the lolly pop sticks I possess out the window. The tool itself is very strong and sturdy and has two uniquely identifiable ends. On one end, instead of a embossing ball there is a ball bearing set into the nib. This ball bearing is held in place by a spring which allows you to apply pressure onto the rub on, yet the ball rolls fluidly over the design. The result is no more scratchy marks on the paper as an unsightly give away that you have had a fight with a stubborn rub on. Once you have used this end to rub all over the design so that it transfers onto where it needs to go, you flip over the plastic acetate sheet and burnish it down using the other end of the rub on tool,the flat plastic end. This ensures that every little bit if your rub on is fixed down securely in place. The tool itself is affordable and of great quality and I would thoroughly recommend it to any crafter who has a soft spot for rub ons just like I have.

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