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Pyjama Days Scrapbook Layout

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Now that the Christmas holidays are over, we start to set into the old routine for yet another year [Sigh]. Today was my first day back at work, and i’m sure that like me, many of you found it extra difficult to get out of bed this morning when the alarm clock sounded, and Christmas just seems like a distant memory already.  Well it’s at times like these when I like to count down the days to the next annual holiday.  To remember those days when you don’t have to get up early, don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, a day to spend as you please.

 In our house, these are commonly and frequently defined as ‘Pyjama Days’: a day to veg out, a day to lounge about, a day to indulge yourself in guilty pleasures such as that huge bar of chocolate which has been tempting you for so long. A day to watch cheesy movies back to back, or worse still, a dvd-marathon of chickflicks such as Grease, Grease 2 and Dirty Dancing, complete with full choreography behind closed curtains in the living room as you sing out every lyric into  your hairbrush microphone (not that your hair has even been brushed that day!).  

Of course Pyjama days are completely subjective.  For some it means a day full of shooting down Zombies on the Xbox, for others it means spending the day in the kitchen with a recipe book, but for me – it usually means a day full of ribbons and rub ons, buttons and brads, paints and papers and other such wondrous delights that hide behind my craft room door. 

Pyjama days are few and far between, and grow more and more precious as time goes on, and I know for certain that when we have kids I can kiss goodbye to those mid morning lie-ins.  So to capture the pure brilliance of these magical days, I made this simple scrapbook layout.

I wanted to emphasize the fact that Pyjama days are not busy days, therefore I wanted to avoid a busy design and also busy patterned paper.  So I decided to keep the design simple and used three photos to create a rectangular photo block.  In addition to this, I thought that cool, relaxing shades were best to create the mood I wanted to achieve – the blues and grays worked great for me.  Given the fact that in the photos my pyjamas were bright pink, I went for grayscale photos, as the magenta tone of the fabric was a little harsh on the eyes.  You may also recognise the heart embellishment as Heidi Swapp ghost shapes, a product which I absolutely adore as the transparent shape works great in this layout as it is such a subtle and gentle addition to the page, helping to accent the feeling of relaxation.  

So tell me, when is your next Pyjama Day? 

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See larger image

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  • Scrap Box March 17, 2009, 12:16 pm

    Very eventful day and moreover pleasing card.

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