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Santa Baby – Scrapbook Layout

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Anyone who knows me will know that I love bright colours, and can often be spotted walking around with my head held high in what my husband would call “loud and garish clothing”. I must also admit that I also seem to have an unnatural attraction to rainbow coloured items, just as a magpie is drawn to shiny paraphernalia! I can’t help it, its a part of the definition of me being me.

Due to this innate colourfulness, I am obviously a big fan of Doodlebug Designs. For those of you who have never experienced the fruits of this craft company, I challenge you to take a peek at their vast number of product ranges, and I guarantee that you will find something that makes you go “ooohhhhh!”.

In addition to it’s colourful characteristics, I also love the way in which Doodlebug paper often lends itself to customization, and this layout is an example of exactly that. Armed with just a circle cutter, I have used a simple piece of patterned paper to make a design element on this wonderfully cute Christmas layout. I have also managed to reuse an old bottle cap as a feature point – just cut out an element from Doodlebug text paper, stick it to the cap, and add some writing with a permanent marker – easy peasy! 

You probably recognise the star of this layout from an earlier post, and who can blame me for wanting to re-scrap this photo in a multitude of craft formats – I’m sure you’ll agree that my nephew Joshua is the cutest little santa ever. 

The overall design is simple, and really versatile and can easily be used as a template for non-Christmas themes, so why don’t you give it a try?  

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