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I wanted this page to be a complete and utter contrast to the page before, because after spending a summer living with boys, sharing a flat with seven of my girl friends was absolute Heaven in comparison.  So I choose light and airy feminine colours, some butterfly embellishments and my trusty Stickles glitter glue to set the scene.  The paper is from the Laura Ashley line from Trimcraft, and the butterflies were cut out of another piece of paper from the same pack, except I stuck the paper unto some scrap cardstock before cutting out the butterfly shape so that the embellishment would withstand more wear and tear.  

(Although I know it will not make sense to anyone except my flat mates and I)
Journaling reads: 

A flat full of 7 girls – P.M.S central! Those Fubar nights – always ended in disappointment 4 all! 1 too many weird magazines addressed to previous tenants! Spending 2 much money living directly above a shopping centre! L8 nights @ Beanscene!

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