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Home Mini Book – Number 1 Eversleigh

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I think this is my favourite page in the whole mini book. For those who are keeping count, you may know that this is the second last page, which means that this home was the most recent place we lived. I knew from the start what theme would dominate this page, as this flat was the venue of a much anticipated moment of my life.

Ok, it sounds cheesy, but this was the first flat we rented where our landlord allowed us to have a pet. It was so exciting. I looked in newspapers, classified ads, the internet, everywhere just to find the perfect kitty that would complete our little family. Once we found a litter of potential fur babies, we organised a home visit to see the kitty we had in mind. Yes, I admit it – I saw her, small and frail, only two weeks old, I held her and instantly wanted her. But we had to wait until she was ready.

Every two weeks we went back to visit her and the rest of her family, until one day we were ready to take her home. It was a few days before Christmas and we had just moved into the new flat. We unpacked the living room to extent of making it safe for little furry adventurers, and then set off to bring back our newest family member. We didn’t have any food in the flat. We didn’t have a bed to sleep on, and didn’t know where to find anything as there were boxes everywhere. But it didn’t matter to me. I will always remember that first night, I put Miya in her bed and lay down to sleep on the living room floor a few yards away with the one and only pillow we managed to find. It was pitch black, and I was shattered from the move, and from all the excitement. All of a sudden, I hear a tiny little squeak and feel a little ball of fur snuggle up to my neck. I put her back into her bed and lay back down. Not two minutes later, she was back again, snuggled up to the warmth of my skin, tucked between my neck and the pillow. She didn’t budge all night.

This flat wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t new, it was nothing special. But it was in this flat that we had the opportunity of having a pet of our own. We waited six years for that day to come, so this will always be the one memory that I will treasure about our home at number 1 Eversleigh.

Journaling reads
Finally, after six years waiting, planning, hoping, dreaming, a landlord that allows us to have a pet. The excitement, the thrill, a little tiny bundle of fluff. Miya makes her way into our lives, and into our hearts.

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