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Cute Set Of Note Cards – A Perfect Gift

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Quick and Easy peasy post today.

What better way to use up scraps than to make a set of Mini Note Cards. That’s exactly what i’ve done here with some Bisous papers once again mostly from the Grace Line. The inspiration for these note cards was actually the printed chipboard pieces from Bisous which you are probably already well aware that I LOOOVE! I noticed that there were little flower shapes which had circles inside them, so you could use either one, the other, or both. I was curious to see if I placed a prima blossom flower over the chipboard outer area, and then tried to push the circle chipboard piece into the shape – would this work? What a wonderful surprise to find that Yes, it did work – but it also made the petals of the blossom stand out from the card instead of lying flat. It was perfect, and lots of fun.

So I made a selection of these little cards, and using some scrap papers to create envelopes. Maybe i’ll make a little box for them to go in too and that way I can give them away as a gift.

I hope you like it, and don’t forget you can leave me a comment here.

Design Team work for Bisous
See my work published in this months Bisous newsletter here and you can check out my Bisous interview here.

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