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'Mr & Mrs' – A Wedding Day Scrapbook Layout

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Another fun layout to share with you today – also using papers from the Bisous range, but this layout is also about making the most from those photos which aren’t as crisp as you would like them to be.

Probably due to reasons of poor lighting, it turned out that all the pictures of hubby and I during our first dance as Mr & Mrs Oman were really grainy and dull. At first I was a little disappointed as when I am picking photos to scrapbook, I usually lean towards the photos which are crisp, bright and detailed. However, through the run up to the wedding, and perhaps even admittedly several times prior to even our engagement, I had often thought about being the blushing bride dancing arm in arm with her dashing prince on the most wonderful day of their lives. Yes, okay, I’m being cheesy, but the truth is that (on the most part) little girls do think of their wedding day throughout their childhood. So after a lifetime of waiting and wondering what this moment would be like, I was finally experiencing it – and it would be stupid to let a little thing like a poor quality photo get in my way of documenting this moment.

So I did what I usually do – I started playing.

I decided that I was going to pretend that I actually wanted the photo that way. There are hundreds of different textures available online which photographers and digital scrapbookers add purposefully to their images in order to create a particular grungy or worn feel, so I decided to use this idea to inspire my design.

My photo was already grainy, so I felt that I didn’t need any additional textures, but I wanted to add a grungy frame to the photo to add a distressed look. I was really pleased with this result and printed my picture, and afterwards I even distressed the edges even more using some sandpaper.

I then used some paper and embellishments from Bisous to create a design for the rest of the layaout, first using a large panel the same size as the photo to create an element of symmetry, and to carry the grungy look I inked the edges with an ink pad. To finish I added an anchoring line using some pretty lace trimming that also adds a touch of vintage elegance.

So my tip for you today – if you think that a photo isn’t good enough to scrapbook – why not consider a grungy design?

I hope you like the layout, and don’t forget you can leave me a comment here.

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See larger image

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