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Kitty Keychain Mini Book

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Got loads of scraps to use?

Love making mini books?

If you have answered yes to the two questions above, then you should really check out todays project – a keychain mini book.

Let me introduce you to my fur baby Miya. Miya is a part Bengal feline fuss-pot that completes our family trio (at least until we decide to have ‘real’ babies). She is very clever, and 100% manipulative, and has no qualms about letting us know who is the boss (so much so that i’ve actually made a layout about it so watch this space). She makes me laugh, and she also makes me pull my hair out at times.

She has more quirks than I can count, but her uniqueness makes me love her more and more.
To share but a few: she doesn’t really like chicken, but loves sweetcorn. She will lick the tomato ketchup from your bacon sandwich, but turn her nose up at the actual bacon. She likes to drink water from the tap, and likes playing in the bath. She brought back her first ‘present’ from her adventures outside – no it wasn’t a mouse, or a frog, or a bird – it was a tub of fish food (and we don’t know where she got it from)! Oh yes, and she pees and poops in the toilet – which is awesome! :0)

I have hundreds of photos of Miya, and a lot of them capture different elements of her personality, and this little mini book is all about her.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Miya and perhaps you’ll even try making a little keychain mini book yourself about some you know. Don’t forget you can leave me a comment here.

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