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A Birthday Card with a Gift Voucher Inside

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Today I want to share with you a card that I designed for Bisous, using their fabulous papers from the Violet collection.

I wanted to make a card for my sister as her birthday was approaching fast, but I wanted to make her something a little different. My first thought was something to do with handbags or shoes, because like most girly girls, she loves shopping and accessorizing. As I scribbled some sketches for handbag type cards, I came up with this simple and fun design, that sorta resembles a handbag, with its little magnetic closure, but also has a place to hold a gift voucher.

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Cut a long strip of pattern paper to slightly larger than the width of your finished card. using a scoring tool and and ruler, score the paper twice so that there is a flap that folds up neatly and a flap that folds down to create the cover. This cover can be narrower than the other two. Next slice a narrow strip of the edge of the top two panels, leaving the third panel to be slightly wider. You can staple the gift voucher to this strip and it can be folded over so the voucher lies neatly inside the card.

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Next take a piece of pattern paper and cut to slightly smaller than the middle panel of the card. I designed the message on Photoshop and printed onto plain white A4 paper. Then I stuck the rectangle of pattern paper on top using masking tape and ran it through the printer once more. This is a great way to print in the exact place where you want the message to be, and it also means you are not wasting pattern paper.

Once you have the message on this rectangle of paper, put double sided stick tape along the top, bottom and one of the edges. Because one edge will be open, we can create a tag to slide in and out to reveal a message. You can even use this technique to create a little pocket to hold a gift card, and then write the message on the bottom flap instead.

To finish off this card, I used little flat magnets to act as a closure, and I decorated the front with pretty Prima flowers, some pattern chipboard from Bisous and some buttons.

Lovely jubbly.

I wouldn’t mind getting a card like this with some gift vouchers in it. Would you?

Don’t forget to share this with all your friends, thanks!

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  • Carmen August 3, 2009, 9:34 am

    Wow. This is beautiful and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting it. I hope your sister loves it and has a fab birthday. Very clever design and I love that purple paper on the front!

  • Jackie August 5, 2009, 11:11 pm

    What an awesome card and great idea!

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