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A Creepy Crawly Card

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I took out my Cuttlebug for this card, and it was very fitting that I should use my ‘Bug, because this card features another creepy crawly – the much loathed spider!

I’m not one of these people who are afraid of spiders, in fact i’m usually that person that has to come to the rescue of our eight legged friend when they appear. Although I must say that last weekend, whilst hanging clothes outside to dry, i noticed that there was a spider web strung across the whole width of the garden, about 15 feet. As I edged closer to inspect the wonder of natures art, I saw a HUGE spider that would have made any grown man run away. I actually got shivers down my spine. Later on that day when Craig was putting stuff into the compost bin, he edged his way slowly up the garden waving a big stick in front of him, left and right so that we didn’t get trapped by neither Shelob or Aragog. I’m sure the neighbours must have thought we were mad.

So whether you are a friend of these creepy creatures, or indeed a foe, i hope you like todays Halloween card.

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  • Carmen October 9, 2009, 10:22 am

    Well as you’ve probably guessed – I absolutely love it. Not a fan of spiders but not absolutely terrified of them either – I do love seeing their gorgeous webs all covered with frost or dew. And there seem to be so many more around this year.

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