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Can you feel it?

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Can you feel it?

It’s getting wintery already!

We’ve had to turn the heating on in the mornings, the evenings are getting darker. There is a nip in the air that is making me want to go buy some new gloves, and making me wonder where I’ve left my earmuffs from last year!

Last weekend we were in the shopping centre in town, and whilst waiting for Craig to finish getting his haircut, I wandered around one of the department stores. They had already opened their Christmas Shop section, full of toys, gifts and decorations. With rows full of jackets, hats, scarfs and Christmas stockings, the store made me instantly feel like it was mid December. Yes, i know it is only October, but there was something exciting about seeing all the Christmassy Wintery goodness. As I met a newly groomed Craig outside the Barbershop, I pointed to the store and whispered to Craig: “You see that shop over there, inside that shop, it’s Christmas”.

Craig swiftly grabbed my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction, heehee.

So Yes, I am excited about the seasons ahead; first the cool nippy air of Autumn and then the wintery wonderfulness of the festive season, but alas…the real reason for my blog post today is to apologise.

The good news is that I have been crafting my little heart out, and i have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR layouts to show you…but the bad news is that when I get home from work in the evenings, it is now too late to take decent photographs. So I am sorry that I haven’t been sharing my work with you over the last few days, but I promise I will get snappy happy with my camera this weekend when the sun is in the sky, so that I have lots of crafty pics to share with you soon.

But before then, i thought i would share some photos of the fun we had when we went strawberry picking last weekend with Jer, Sar & Rand.

Enjoy, and make sure to come back at the weekend to see the layouts i’ve been making.

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