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Christmas Thank Yous

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Hello Everyone. Happy Boxing Day!

Did your house get a visit from Father Christmas? Ours did, and I guess we were all very good throughout the last year because we got a lot of wonderful presents. Books and DVDs, CDs and T-shirts, slippers & socks, chocolates and sweeties, photo frames & ornaments, face cream & bath bombs!! Craig got a new shaver, some speakers & a new XBOX game, and I got some crafty things too which I will share with you real soon.

We had a wonderful day, and are still enjoying winding down today. As I was sitting on the couch, in my pyjamas, eating leftovers, I was looking at all the gifts which were still sitting under the tree. And I started thinking. Thinking about how I am thankful for every present, big and small, and thankful that there are people who care about me, and want to give me gifts.

So in return, I want to give you all a gift.

Thank You Christmas Notelets, which I have quickly made today, ready to be printed at home. Download the pdf, and print to A4 paper (two notelets per page), and why not take a few mintues to show your thankfulness to those who have been kind enough to make your Christmas special.

Enjoy, and Happy Christmas everyone!

Download Free Christmas Thank You Notelet HERE. (right click to save as)

BTW, I made the notelet using Cystal Wilkerson’s digital elements, which you can get from her blog Creativity by Crystal. You should check out her blog for lots of inspiration.

Have a great weekend!

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