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A Snowman To Remember – Scrapbook Layout

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The sun is in the sky, but for some reason I was in the mood to scrapbook a wintery story. As I am sure you will remember, we had a freak level of snowfall earlier in the year, and the abundance of crisp, white snow was so inspiring that it would have been a cruelty against human nature if we had NOT built a snowman in our garden!

To be honest, i’ve never built a snowman quite like this one – he really did do us proud! What I loved most was his personality, created through his button eyes, satsuma nose, and coffee bean smile – and who could forget that pirate hat?! His name was Capt’n Coffeefact snOMAN, and this layout is his story! Scroll down to read the journaling…

Products Used:
Woodgrain stamp – heroarts
Making Memories shimmer alpha stickers
sewing machine
Making Memories tiny alpha
‘winter’ stamp – SEI
Distress ink – Tumbled glass, broken china
Chipboard – Maya Road
Paint Dabber
Black pigment marker
Snowflake stamps – SEI and Royal & Langnickle
Dream street papers

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Journaling reads:
For days there was speculation and rumours of snow, and although there was a definite nip in the air, no one quite believed that we would have any significant coverage. But by the afternoon, a few flakes were appearing & we peered through the glass at reception with childlike awe. I should have hated the cold, wet walk home, but the magic & wonder of the fresh white roads & pathways made the journey quite beautiful. The thought of snow called for a warm dinner in front of the TV, snuggled under a duvet. It must have been 11pm before Craig gasped as he pulled back the bedroom curtains to reveal the untouched blanket of snow, lying inches deep, transforming our humble garden into a winter wonderland. Without hesitation, we rummaged through suitcases & cupboards to find hats, scarfs, salopettes & wellies, before emerging out into the cold. Despite the late hour, the light of the street lamps reflected brilliantly off the pure white snow, creating a magical orange glow to the world around us. Like two eager children, we gave way to our urges and started rolling snowballs into white fluffy boulders, assembling a new friend to live in the garden. It took some time, and a substantial amount of hard work, but after a significant amount of rolling & shoveling, patting & moulding, he was born! Capt’n Coffeefacee was his name – with buttons for eyes, a satsuma nose and coffee beans to make him smile, the Capt’n surely was an accumulation of our personalities – one of the family! Even Miya enjoyed the excitment of a new friend in the garden. The snow remained for a while, some say too long, but inevitably the green started to peek through once again. The hazard warnings & newsflashes ceased, but the Capt’n still stood tall. We would bid him goodnight through the bedroom window and watch every day as he slowly began to shed some pounds, or lose his crooked smile. One day, when the world had returned to normality, we returned from work to discover that the Capt’n was gone. No longer in our garden, but forever in our memories.

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  • Carmen May 2, 2010, 2:56 pm

    Aw the journalling on this is fab Lesley. What an experience.

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