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Summer Lovin'- Anniversary Card Tutorial (Video)

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Hey everyone, and happy Monday!

I’m mixing it up a little today!! It is of course time for another Miss You Monday card, but as I had issues with YouTube at the weekend, I wasn’t able to post the video i promised. So i’ve decided to post the video this morning for your enjoyment, and later this evening I’ll post this weeks MYM card. WOW, double the fun today, huh?! ♥

This card sums up my mood at the moment! SUMMERTIME!! I’ve had a fantastic weekend, chillin with friends, and between BBQs and beach visits, I am definitely feeling like Summer has finally arrived [♥]. I even have a little bit of colour in my cheeks – although i must say that the ‘red face / white eyes’ look is making me reconsider wearing sunglasses on those bright, sunny days! I look like a weird panda! LOL

The main inspiration for this project was these cool chipboard shapes from Bisous! I totally love the wide variety of cool shapes, the colour combos and the fact that they are really adhesive. I also love the fact that they are self contained on a sheet, rather than in a bag or box that you need to turf out just to see all the remaining shapes. With them all on this fold out sheet, it is soooo very easy to find the exact ones to use. This set is from the ‘hot’ collection, and have bright, bold colours, and I was eager to couple these with a recently purchased cloud stamp from heroarts. And i just ♥ the result!

Thanks for popping by, and come back later to see the MYM card! Enjoy the video! Leave a comment here.

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