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Teacher Thank You Cards – ♥ Making Apples

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This card was actually inspired by a pack of napkins I saw at Tesco. I thought they looked very cool, and i kinda regret not buying them, rather than settling for a sneaking iPhone pic. They would be perfect for all those summery Barbecues.

Aren’t they cool!? Love it!

So, once again, I had apples on the brain. Seriously…once i started, i just couldn’t stop, there were so many ideas!! Let me share with you the technique that I used to create these little apple shapes.

I used a 1 inch circle paper punch to punch out a number of green and red circles. Next i stacked two or three on top of each other, and using a pair of scissors i cut a curved area out of the top and the bottom of the circle, making one bigger than the other. This resulted in a distinctively apple shape!! Yeay! For the leaves, I used a teeny tiny clear stamp from Studio G, and the stalks are simply little lines drawn with a fine liner pen.

The bow, i made using ribbon and I inked this using distress ink to give it a green tint – for more details on how to do this, check out my video —> here!

Thanks for popping by. More teacher cards tomorrow! Leave me a comment here.

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