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It’s my birthday tomorrow!! Yeay! The big 2-8! Can you believe it!? Can someone tell me where the last ten years have gone please?

Well, in celebration of my 28th birthday tomorrow, I have decided to share 28 random facts about myself with you. Enjoy!…


1. I went to an all girls grammar school. Everyone who went to mixed schools always think that going to an all girls school would suck, but it actually was very, very awesome

2. I am a heavy sleeper. Seriously, wild horses couldn’t raise me from my slumber.

3. I used to have a rabbit called Dooter. She was lovely, but always managed to eat her way out of her hutch. One day my mum saw Dooter chasing my black Labrador dog up the garden, haha.

4. I used to hate wearing dresses and skirts. Even when my sister asked me to be bridesmaid i tried to get out of it because i didnt want to look like a girl.

5. When I was a kid, I used to collect Trolls. I loved their brightly coloured hair. Every trip to Portrush meant a visit to ‘The White House’ (a shop) to buy another troll for the collection.

6. I always fall asleep half way through movies. It drives Craig nuts. He’ll always nudge me throughout the film, or ask if i’m asleep. There are dozens of movies that I have only half seen.

7. When my school was running a production of ‘Me and My Girl’, I headed up the costume department – and loved every minute of it!

8. My best friend growing up was called Mandy. We would hang out every day and sometimes would even call each other so we could plan our outfits for the next day so we could be coordinating. We were so very cool.

9. I hate mornings. In fact, I wish my days started at noon.

10. I used to eat Salad Cream Sandwiches, simply because my brother Roger did. I revered Dodge.

11. I have never ever smoked. The thought makes me wanna gag.

12. I can speak fluent french. Okay, so i am definitely a little rusty, but i studied it at Uni so I can speak it when the need arises.

13. I have my ears pierced twice. I used to also have a piercing at the top of my left ear, but in school our Physics teacher made me take it out every class.

14. I love getting my feet tickled. weird – i know!

15. When I was really young, I tripped on one of those plastic cord/strap things that tie up cardboard boxes. I went flying through the air and took a chunk out of my knee. I still have a little hole in my leg because of it.

16. When Craig proposed, I had no idea it was coming. Total Surprise!! I’m so oblivious!

17. At Uni, i had a pair of patchwork jeans. (what was i thinking!?). One evening when at the student union, we were dancing like idiots and the jeans split right the way from the crotch to the waistband at my bum. It was SOOOO funny!

18. I love buttons and ribbons….a little too much!

19. I haven’t yet found an alcoholic drink that i like. So i’ll stick to tea, cola and water thank you very much.

20. I nearly always wear odd socks. It makes me feel happier.

21. I hate eating chocolate when drinking tea, so no chocolate biscuits for me please.

22. I am a hoarder. I take after my dad in that respect. I find too much meaning in things which could really have been thrown away years ago.

23. Karaoke makes me very excited.

24. I’m kinda scared of butterflies. Don’t know why, no logical reason behind it that I can think of. I think they are pretty, as long as there aren’t any real ones anywhere near me

25. I’m not a fan of whipped cream. I’ll probably scrape it off my pudding and leave a mess on the plate.

26. For the first two years of my life, I suffered from really bad sore throats. Mum tells me that I would only eat yoghurts, ice cream and mashed banana. (Maybe I was just a really smart kid!) YUM!

27. I designed my own wedding ring. Craig did such a great job of picking the perfect engagement ring that I wanted to ensure I had the perfect wedding ring to accompany it. So i designed it myself so they fit together perfectly. I love them!

28. I hate eating pizza that is divided into quarters. Its just plain wrong! My pizza needs to be cut into sixths or eighths – as long as i have an acute angled slice to go into my mouth, i’m a happy girl.

Now you’ve had a little bit of a deeper insight into my world, I hope I haven’t scared you off!!
Have a great day, and roll on tomorrow so I can celebrate my birthday!

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  • Elaina Friend August 26, 2010, 4:42 pm

    Happy Birthday Les. I hope you have a lovely day, I am sure Craig has got you something nice. It would be good to hear from you sometime. Elaina

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