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Pac-Man Fun!

Hi everyone,

Yeaaaah, you all remember this little dude, don’t ya!?

I bet every single one of you have a ‘waka waka waka’ noise going through your head just now, huh?

After setting myself the challenge to use black cardstock last week, I had a piece lying around on my craft desk that was staring at me.

You may also remember that I mentioned that I was making some cards for Craigy’s workmates, and well, this one was inspired by his colleague Phil, who has the most awesome pac man hoodie.

Put these two things together: black cardstock and some computer gamey inspiration, and the result is this quick, cute card!

Such little effort resulted in a card that is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone of the pac man era.

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Have a great day!


Circle Punch
Yellow cardstock
Glue dot
Liquid Pearls by Ranger

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