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Life just now. An Update

I spend a week in Ireland wishing that I had the laptop with me, then I come home and don’t even touch it for a week! Thats typical of me!

I feel like i’ve been super busy, but don’t really know what i’ve accomplished. Ever feel like that?

I thought I would share some stuff with you guys. With whats going on in ‘Life Lesley’ at the mo.

I’ve submitted two new layouts for publication in Scrapbook Magazine. This time there was a very specific brief, so the layouts are very different, but that makes me happy, because I like to experiment when crafting. Here’s a sneaky peek.


I’m working on a layout about my visit to ‘the Homeland’, and i have been inspired by Nichol Magouirk’s monthly pages, where she uses a grid to display a huge number of photos on one page. I can’t wait to show it to you when its done.


Piper is keeping me amused. Big Time! She is so smiley. And loves to chat. It makes my day to watch her little face light up, and to coax smiles and giggles from her kissable lips. She is now 14 weeks old, and weighs 13 lb. C-R-A-Z-Y!

This morning i bought my last (a-hem!) piece of furniture for the craft room. Seriously, there is no more room in there! Its a cabinet thing that I plan to put by the window for my sewing machine. My poor machine has been cluttering up the dining room table for weeks (more like months!). It was definitely time to give it a permanent home. Of course this means i need to build it tonight. BOO! …and then, one of these days, i’m going to do a video walkthrough of my craft room. Promise!

My friend Lindsey left me a box of yarn and some ‘nifty knitter‘ tools. So i’ve been trying to make a little hat for Princess P. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

In other news, i’m so excited about my brother Roger and SIL Shelly coming to visit in August – i get to spend a whole long weekend with these two dudes! How lucky am I!? I have already started making plans for a fun weekend, including some crafty things which I will probably share with you all nearer the time.


We were planning to announce the Meiflower winners on the Meiflower blog, but for some reason its not happening, so we will be announcing the winners here……real soon! Watch this space! I’m sure you are all dying with anticipation.

And in other news… Craig and I had a fish pedicure today! OMG! It is sooooo weird. You should definitely try it!

{nom nom nom}


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