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CHA Summer 2011 Sneak peeks

Its that time of the year again, when you need to carefully tiptoe through the undergrass of the World Wide Web and be careful not to accidently stumble upon new crafting products. Yes, its time for CHA Summer 2011.

Many of us on this side of the ‘pond’ don’t have the privilege of seeing these wonderful new releases first hand, I know I would certainly love to have the opportunity to wander through the aisles of the CHA Exhibition, although I am sure my hubby would prefer that I stay well clear, for the sake of our bank balance.

Although a trip to CHA is a distant dream for little old me, we are lucky to have self-professed Scrapbook newshound Nancy Nally running the CHA Sneak Peek section over at the ever popular www.scrapbookupdate.com, where we are sure to find a plethora of links that walks us through the virtual aisle of the show, via the Internet.

Yes, I’ve been over there, and although I have only clicked on about a third of the links, already I can see loads that I have instantly fallen in love with.

Hop on over to see them all for yourself, but for now, here are a few of my favourite ones that i simply cannot wait to get my greedy little paws on!

In no particular order by the way….

First up, Echo Park with their line Victoria Garden. {Click on the product link to see them all}






Three Bugs in a rug

There are lots of cool lines being released by 3 bugs in a rug. These are my favourite ones, but you can see them all here–> 3 bugs in a rug CHA summer release






Imaginsce have released a gorgeous school themed collection called Geek is Chic. I can see this being a big hit for those back to school layouts and teacher thank you cards.



And Jillibean soup’s CHA Summer 2011 releases… oh my, oh my, oh my!

Please don’t make me choose between all these fabulous patterns, they are all so delicious. I have decided i want two of each {hint, hint to my husband!} Check out them all by clicking the link above.











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