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Two cards and a Typewriter

On Sunday I decided to take Piper out of the house whilst Craig was watching the Formula 1 on TV so we went to a local Country Market because they had a car boot sale. BUT, by the time we got there, everyone had packed up and was leaving. However I spotted a sign that said that they also have a car boot sale on Wednesdays.

For no reason at all, I decided that P and I would go today. Just because. {i am so glad i did}


Typewriter goodness

I’ve been drooling over typewriters for a little while, but online they are quite expensive. This little beauty… four pounds! Woooohooo! FOUR POUNDS! You would pay that for a cuppa coffee and a bikky. It came complete with a manual and everything. I cant wait to use it for journaling on my layouts.

my heart is happy! ♥

I also thought i would share these two cards with you. I dont think i’ve shared them yet, but honestly cant remember. Sweet and simple.


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