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Handmade Sensory Blanket

Now that my sewing machine has its own table, and hence a little home of its own in the craft room, i’ve been getting fabric-happy.

During an internet perusing session i spotted a blog post on someone who had made a sensory blanket for their little one. I wish i remembered where I had seen it so i could link to it, but to be honest at the time i just clicked onto the next thing, not really giving it another thought. It was only about a fortnight later that i suddenly remembered that post.

Piper had started to be more playful, and when feeding she would look up at me with her steel blue eyes and reach up with her hands. First it started by gripping my top, then she would run her fingers over my chest and neck. She even started to reach up to touch my lips, at which stage i would give them a little kiss. These wandering hands gave me the idea that perhaps Piper would like something interactive to fondle when feeding.

All you need to make this blanket is two scraps of fabric (I made mine about 8 inches square) and a bunch of ribbons. Now, where, oh where would I find ribbon!?! {hide bashfully at the thought of my ribbon wall}

The most important thing is to make sure those ribbons are secured firmly, so i sewed the ribbons onto one square, then sewed both squares together right sides facing one another, leaving a gap to turn the right way round. Once I had turned it the right way, i sewed around the edges again, so the ribbons have three layers of stitching securing them in place.

I used different types of ribbon – satin, grosgrain etc to get different textures and I tied a knot in one or two of the ribbons too. I also added a piece of cord, which Piper particularly likes.

She loves the blanket. Sliding her fingers inside the loops, and we also sing a song called ‘Peepo’ with it. The song is sung to a similar tune as ‘London Bridge is falling down’ and the lyrics are..

“can you play at peepo,
peepo, peepo
can you play at peepo,
play a game with me.
peep in (cover face with blanket, muslin, hands etc)
peep out (remove blanket)
peep in (cover)
peep out (remove)
can you play at peepo,
play again with me”

Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Gill July 27, 2011, 10:10 pm

    This is a lovely idea which I am really going to try myself. I love your blog ans just wish I could be a good as you updating my own :-))

    • Lesley Oman July 31, 2011, 10:32 pm

      Hi Gill, thanks for your comment. i wish i could update my blog every day but its not always that easy, sometimes life gets in the way, eh? have a great day. x

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