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Busy, Busy Bees

I think i need a holiday.

We’ve kinda been going all out recently, (so please accept my grovelling apologies for the long breaks between posts). Last weekend my brother and gang came to visit. It was awesome, i love having them here. We watched a movie, we played games, drew pictures, picked strawberries, ate strawberries in the hot tub, and all in all had a jolly good time.

Remember i shared how i print my iphone photos in this post? Well, i used the same process to print some photos of my brother, SIL, nephews Josh and Lewis, and some photos of me, craig, Piper and miya the cat. I printed two of each, backed them with scrapbook paper and cut them into playing card size to make a fun memory game for Joshua. Such a simple little project that only took ten minutes gave us hours of fun. Josh was so good at thinking up different ways to use the cards: playing memory, or snap, or trying to match the two babies, two mummies etc. And even though i had my camera to hand all weekend, turns out i never got any photos of the game…typical me! Sometimes i am rather silly.

After a fun weekend with family, the week flew in too fast. Craig has been ill too (which is not fun for any one), so that means limited-to-no crafty time). I never even got to do grocery shopping- so the cupboards are extremely bare and there has been a few creative meal times over the last few days. LOL

And in other news…my little angel cut her first tooth!

WOAH! Can you believe it? crazy! On Friday we could feel a little nubbin, but on Saturday it was a definite flint-like razer sharp line. There has been A LOT of drooling, but still our brave little girl sleeps through the night and hasn’t given us any bother. I know we are so lucky and i am so thankful for that.

We got to spend Saturday with great friends M&H and today with Craig’s brother Mike and gf Leslee, so we’ve had another busy weekend, but at least we get to have fun.

Speaking of fun, only three more days before we go to visit Granny and Granda Oman!
What was i saying about needing a holiday!? ….Ahhh, perfect timing!!

A scrapbook layout of week 3 of my first mommy month to share with you soon, so come back to see me!

Have a great day. x

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