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Piper @ Five Months

Yes, she is five months today! Err..can someone please tell me where the last five months have gone?

And what does five months look like? Let me tell you..

– Weighing in at 15lb 3.5 oz (that was two weeks ago, so its surely more now)

-We had to move her jumparoo up to level two. Her legs are so long! We’ve started buying a few 6-9 month items because the 3-6 month clothes are getting far too neat!

– She has her first toothypeg…eeerr, make that TWO! Another one popped up this morning! There has been a lot of drooling, finger chomping and sticky-out tongues for a week or two & now we know why.

– She goes down much better now at 6.30pm. We are still waking her at 10.30pm for a nighttime feed, and she goes through until nearly 8am some days. These last few days there has been a few grumbles, but we think thats because of her sore gums. Bless!

– Still has really bad skin. The doctor has confirmed eczema, and piper now has an apothecary of potions and creams – at last count there were 8 different ones on her shelf. geez. I’ve decided to try a dairy free diet to see if that makes any difference.

– Piper has one feed of solids a day, just at lunch time. New tastes mean that there has been a few funny faces at the dinner table, but she is doing really well at taking her food.

– We’ve cut her night feed from 220ml down to 160ml, and still she sleeps until 8am.

– We have started using basic sign language with Piper. No particular reason, i just thought it would be an interesting way to communicate. I found this cool website that shows you how to sign basic words such as water, food, nappy, sleep etc. Apparently babies can start to communicate back at approx 9 months – that would be so cool!

– Piper has a new facial expression- lips pursed into a neat little ‘O’ and then a gentle ‘ou’ sound. Accompanied by big blue eyes certainly makes this a heart melter moment.

– Holding both toes is lots of fun, and makes it more difficult for mum to put on my nappy.

– She follows Miya with her eyes, and Miya secretly loves it. I can tell by the fact that Mizu’s new favourite camping-out spot is right underneath Piper’s jumparoo.

– Piper is soooooo over the lying down phase. Right now, its all about sitting up. Last Thursday she managed to sit up on her own without help – seems she is figuring out this balance thing.

Happy five months little lady.

Mummy loves you.

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