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6 Months

I can’t believe you turned 6 months yesterday. Half a year. Already?!

You have been settling in at nursery and you have been so good. You love it, and we’ve not had any tears at all. I am so proud of you because you have adjusted so well.

Your eczema is much better now we are using the aveeno cream. At nursery when they apply your cream they call it ‘Piper spa time’. You still have quite a bit of red skim around your face and the back of your neck. I hope it goes soon.

You can now officially sit up unaided. This time last week you were wobbly, but you seem to have mastered the art of balancing, shifting your body weight this way and that. Of course, now you want to sit up all the time and hate lying down. That is soooo last month mummy!

We finally bought a high chair and you get excited when I put you in it, because you know food is coming. You open your mouth wide but when you are feeling menacing you bite down on the spoon, holding it tight with those two little toothypegs.

Mummy starts back at work on Monday but I am looking forward to spending Wednesdays with you. I’ve arranged for us to go to a Baby Sensory group, followed by some play dates. We are going to have lots of fun together.

Thursday was our last day at Baby Days group. It was sad to say goodbye to all the friends we made, but we will just have to make more play dates. Daddy came with us for an hour and we made treats to share. They went down well with everyone.

Every night we brush your teeth. Those two little tiny pegs. But you love it. I guess the sensation of the bristles on your gums kinda tickles.

You are now completely on formula, well, except for using up some frozen stores in the freezer. No one told me your nappies would smell sooo bad. Eughk!

You now have solids at 11.30am and 5.30pm. Lunch and dinner – what a big girl! You even are getting better at eating puddings, but you still prefer veg. On the plus side, at least we have now surpassed the runny nappy stage.

For the last week you have been settling so well in the evening. Once we put you to bed at seven we don’t hear a peep from you. You are sleeping through until 7.30am- we are so spoilt!

You seem to be going through a phase of sticking out your tongue, and when you laugh your mouth is open wide with a big slobbery tongue hanging out. I was only fitting that your 6 month photo featured you in this hilarious pose! 🙂

You had a cold last week, and we spent a lot of time wiping your runny nose. You HATE getting your face wiped, and are quite vocal about it!

The tv remote fascinates you. Don’t know why. One day I caught you biting down on it and later on we realised that you had managed to turn on the audio description feature. It took AGES for daddy to figure out how to fix it. That weekend we went to the toy shop to buy you one of your own, but the closest we could find was a phone. It seems to do the trick- you love pressing the buttons!

So much to say this month. You are learning new things so quickly that I can hardly keep up, but that makes me so very happy. We’ll be crafting together before I know it!

Happy half year baby. X

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