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SO much…

So much is going on right now.

I start back at work on Monday. A day that i am both looking forward to and dreading. Talk about bitter sweet. As this is my last full week at home with Piper i thought it would be filled with that foreboding, sickening feeling that presents on a sunday evening when you realise your weekend is quickly approaching its end, but to be honest this week hasn’t felt like that at all. I haven’t let it. I decided this week was about celebrating. Being happy. Savouring moments.

I am also trying to get organised for a little adventure next weekend – we are going to a masquerade ball. I can’t wait! But there is dresses to buy, shoes and accessories to sort out, kilts to get shipped and baby sitters to book…hopefully it will be an awesome night!

And, Craig is playing with the website. You may have already noticed a ‘memberships’ section up there. All will be revealed in due course. Can’t promise how soon that will be! lol

I am trying to work on a video to share, but with all the aforementioned time-savouring going on, it’s not getting done as fast as i would have hoped. Never mind, i hope you will all understand.

We are also working on a HHC project. A BIG one. Craig is being awesome about it. So encouraging, and helpful, and even though its an exciting project, it secretly scares me a little too. Sometimes i can be lacking in the self-belief department.

Piper has been doing settling in days at nursery, and she is having a brilliant time. Last week I collected her during the afternoon and i swear she looked at me as if to say ‘what are you doing here?’. I am so proud of her. My baby girl is growing so fast.

With work looming around the corner, i’ve been busy, busy, busy. Cooking, pureeing and freezing food for munchkin, sorting out wardrobes, performing mass clear-outs of old clothing, sorting out baby clothes that are now too small {sigh}, and even unearthing objects which had been hastily thrown into cupboards when we moved in. You can definitely say that i am in an organising mode just now.

On top of all that, Craig and I are going to attempt to strip the wall paper off the dining room walls, wash them down and paint two coats of paint before the day is out…

..sometimes i do worry about having too many fingers in too many pies, if you know what i mean.

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