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'Just One Squeak' – Scrapbook Layout

Hey everyone,

I’ve reached the final countdown. One more week at home and then i’m back to work. w O R K. Ugh! The dreaded W -word. Piper has been doing her settling in days at nursery, and i am so pleased to say that she is doing really well. This week however she has the cold, so my snotty little dottie has needed lots of snuggles, especially in the evening which means not a lot of crafting for mummsy. 🙁 Never mind. I just hope she gets better soon.

But lucky for you I have found a project that i never got round to sharing with you before now. A scrapbook layout featuring the princess. This is actually the first layout i made after Piper came along. I don’t know why i haven’t shared it before now. I remember making it on the living room table whilst my little smoosh slept in her carry cot beside me. She was so tiny then.

Craig’s parents came down the week after Pi was born. It was awesome. They cleaned, stocked up our fridge, ran trips to the shop, and basically helped with everything. But every little squeak from Piper made Granny and Granda come rushing. It was adorable.

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