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Piper Monthly- 7 months already!

And then you were seven months.


– you are a complete pro at sitting up, but mummy and daddy still get a little anxious at times so insist that there’s a cushion behind you

– you have started having breakfast in the morning as well as your milk. Sometimes you get a little frustrated because you would rather have the comfort of your bottle of milk. We are still working on getting a balance that is just right.

– you have been ill for ages. That stupid cough won’t go away, and the doctors confirmed that you have bronchiolitus. In the night you sometimes cough for a few minutes, but you never wake up or cry. You are such a good girl. It makes my heart sad to hear your rattly breathing, but even though you aren’t feeling 100%, you still don’t cry or complain too much really.

– we are getting ready for the Harvest Celebration week at baby sensory. I picked up a pumpkin outfit, and on Saturday I tried the hat on your head. I started calling you pumpkin-head and every time I said that word, you burst into giggles. I guess it is a funny word!

– your skin is so much softer now, but you still scratch. I am not sure if it’s just habit now? Either way, I’m happy that you feel more like a baby and less like a reptile. Your cheeks have started getting really, really red and sore. And the runny nose! Oh, i have never seen so much snot! yuck! …is this more teethies coming?

– we have started giving you some fingerfoods, carrot sticks, rice cakes, cucumber sticks, parsnip sticks- you are intrigued by them, and by throwing them on the floor! grr!

– in the evenings, you fall asleep so quickly, i guess nursery tires you out. I have been sitting with you lately, holding your hands for a few minutes whilst you drop off. It’s a precious part of my day. There is not a single cry escapes your mouth, just maybe a sleepy sigh or at times a few chattering words.

– you have discovered how to make more noises with your tongue- it used to be raspberries but now you make a clicking sound. It kinda sounds like a kiss, and when I blow you a kiss you will make that sound back to me. It makes me smile so much. You love watching our faces as we get excited about your kissing noises.

– yesterday for the first time, you made the sign for milk to daddy. You are so clever! I am so glad we are signing with you.

– you see the other kids in nursery and must be trying to take their lead. You have been leaning forward when you sit, bringing your weight forward, onto your arms. A couple of times you have accidentally slid down onto your belly , but you get frustrated that you can’t manage this crawling thing. It’ll not be long sweetie, I promise. Then mum and dad will really know what hard work is!

-You love it when we sit next to Miya. You reach out your hand, desperate to give her ears a tug. I hold your wrist and gently let your fingertips brush against Miya’s fur. It makes me giggle to see you get so excited. And to see Miya interact with you so nicely.

– I think we will need to invest in a size 2 carseat- your maxi cosi is looking rather snug, and soon it’ll be cramped. I remember when you were just a little squish, hardly taking up any room at all. Has it really been 7 months already?

– looking back through all my Piper monthly posts, I can see you change, grow, develop, and learn. Time really does fly by.

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