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Perfect Typewritten Journaling – Video tutorial

Hey guys

I have a video for y’all today.

I picked up a typerwriter a little while back at a car book sale, and i {heart} using it to add journaling to my layouts..


…it didn’t always turn out the way I wanted it to. Typewriters were made to type onto thin weight paper, and when I put cardstock or scrapbook paper through the machine, it didn’t catch properly on the rollers. I thought it would be great that I could type out journaling quickly rather than spending the time on my computer writing it up and connecting it to my printer etc, but I found myself making more errors on the typewriter – so it wasn’t faster after all.
Well, that was until I put my thinking cap on!

In this video i show you a way to get around this issue so that you can achieve perfect typewritten journaling every time!

Here’s the layout, followed by some close up piccys

Thanks for watching.



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