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Christening Card for Julebug

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? You want to go faster, work harder and do better but your body just refuses to do it. Thats how i’ve been feeling lately. I guess between being a mom and working full time, baby classes and life in general, its taking a toll. Last night I got to spend a little time in the craft room and the difference it made was incredible! Crafting really is therapy! I’m still tired, but I don’t feel as frustrated and ready to explode. I love it, don’t know what i would do if i couldn’t get my craft on!

This is a card I made last month, for Juliet’s Christening. I wanted an elegant yet a girly sweet card. I dug through my stash of papers for TEN minutes before i found this paper. I knew it was in there somewhere! {I really need to organise my papers using a better system….one day! }

I am sorry to say that this paper is old. I have faint memories of buying it in a shop in Hamilton, when we lived in Glasgow, and we haven’t lived there since 2006…eek! So its actually really old! Sorry. I probably shouldn’t mention how much i love it for projects like this. Y’know, the way that it is elegant, cute, full of gorgeous typography and with just the right amount of religiousness. (is that a word?)

The metal ring is from Making Memories, and the angel is from Meiflower.co.uk of course. Check out their site for lots of other cute charms.

Off for a wee rest now.

have fun


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