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MAN-day Monday: Summer Banner

Happy Monday everyone, Happy MANday Monday! It’s time for another boy-centric project here at Hungry Heffy Crafts.

Today I am sharing a project that is for my 5 year old nephew. Joshua and gang came to visit during the summer, and we had a blast! It was so amazing getting to spend an extended length of time with him and his brother Lewis, because even when we go back to Ireland for a visit, we usually only get to cram in a few hours here and there.

I think the boys really did have fun during their stay, and not long afterwards it was Joshua’s birthday, but rather than make a birthday card, I wanted to make a little something for my sweet Godson that he could keep to remind him of the fun and adventures we shared. I decided to go for a banner that could be displayed on a wall – after all his lil bro Lewis is still young, and I don’t want little hands prying off embellishments.

So confession time…I totally suck at posting things. Joshua’s birthday was in August, but the project wasn’t finished in time. Fast forward a few weeks, the project was finished, but not photographed. Flash forward another few weeks and its still hanging across my craft room wall. Grr! Sometimes i frustrate myself sooo much! BUT now that it should have arrived with him, i want to share it with you.

For the basis of the project I used a scrapbook stack by We R Memory Keepers called 72 and Sunny. It is a fabulously summery collection that really do make you smile from ear to ear. I love the way that there is a good selection of different patterns in the stack, which all coordinate with each other nicely. The one frustration i have with these paper stacks is that there is usually too many glittered patterns for me. I know some people like that, but i would rather add glitter myself wherever i want it.

I used a scrap piece of paper to cut the banner shape and then used this as a template. I kept the width to 4 inches which made best use of the 12 inch scrapbook paper. The guts of the project has a photo, and then there is a generic flag at the start and the end.

One of the pages featured an alphabet which reminded me of flash cards, and i thought it would be cool to use this on the project. You can see that each flag which has a photo also has one of these letters as an embellishment.

I used some satin ribbon to string my flags together to make a banner, but i realised that i could also use binding rings to bind them all together to make a mini book. Perhaps i’ll tell my brother to do that once Joshua wants to take it down from his wall.

This was such a fun project, and i loved cutting out the little shapes to add as embellishments. Because they are all from the same stack, it makes it so easy to create a cohesive project. And aren’t those turtles just the cutest! ♥

Have a great day. x

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