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Make your own Photo Corners from scraps

Hey guys,

You probably know that I am a scrap-fiend. I love finding ways to use up my scraps for projects, big or small. I am excited to share a short video which shows you how i sometimes use my scraps to make a fun embellishment that you can add to cards or layouts – the infamous photocorner!

To demonstrate the power of the fiercefully fun photocorner (what a mouthful!) i have a new layout to share, one that i secretly love to bits. I don’t normally say things like that because (1) I don’t want you all to think that i have a big head the size of China, and (2) I usually like the finished layout but not LOVE it. I guess they sometimes fall into the ‘it’ll do’ category and i am thankful that i got a chance to scrap it.

I reckon the reason i get butterflies when i look at the layout is because of the topic at hand. In case you can’t make out from the photo, it is about my daughter who would always reach out her hand when nursing, and gently touch my face. I would look down at her eyes and see them glance up at me and twinkle. Every single time it would make my heart melt.

Enjoy the video and perhaps you’ll find some inspiration from the layout too.

Here’s what the journaling says:
“One of the things i miss most about nursing you is those precious moments when you would reach your hand out to me & gently press your fingertips to my lips. You would always raise your eyes for a brief moment and smile at me. Those few precious moments said more than a thousand words.”

Did i mention how much i love these Echo Park papers? {yum}

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