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Baby Spoon Carry Pouch

Playing with my sewing machine is fun, but making something useful gives me more of a sense of accomplishment.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this little pouch I made. You see, every time we go out I have to bring some baby spoons in the diaper bag. At first I wrapped them in cling film, but then got annoyed about how wasteful that was. Then I popped some in a little resealable baggies along with her snacks, but that wasn’t ideal either as the spoons would get covered in crumbs or sticky residue.

But look, a solution. One cute little pouch that can hold two spoons. Easy to pop in a diaper bag or a pocket, ready to go. Just clean down with a baby wipe before popping them back into their snug little sleeping bag. Goodnight little spoons.

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