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Christmas Cookie Exchange

Have you ever taken part in a cookie exchange? You really should. Instead of buying gifts this year a group of us girlies decided to have a cookie exchange. I had to explain the concept to Craig and he decided that it was the best thing ever!

I made 36 cookies, and so did everyone else, and then we got together and distributed our cookies. You come with 36, you leave with 36 (minus the ones that you scoff of course), whats not to love? The best thing is that you have lots of variety.

I made some yummy sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, and topped with icing. I bought some fancy pearlescent food spray so I could give my Christmas trees a bit of festive shine (can you even see on the photo?) Then I bundled them up, tied with bakers twine and added a little stamped Merry Christmas.

In return I received a collection of yumminess including peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, white choc chip, fudge, oatmeal and raison cookies and I even got some fudge pieces too. I still haven’t decided which I like the best – I guess i am going to have to keep on eating them until they are all gone.

As a bonus, the actual cookie exchange was a great excuse to get together, eat, drink and be merry.

Thanks Sarah for organising the Cookie Exchange this year. I hope it becomes a long standing tradition.

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