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A Crafty Christmas

Well I did promise i would tell you about all the crafty things i got this Christmas. I must have been REALLY, REALLY good because I got something HUGE, and unexpected.

WOAH! A sewing machine! yippppeeeeee. I bought a sewing machine 10 years ago in a second hand sewing shop in a little arcade in Glasgow for £60. I’ve used it on and off but for the last 4 years it has been as temperamental and grumpy as an old man- chewing up fabric, messing up the tension…all the stuff that get you really frustrated when you are trying to make something. Plus it had those little cogs that you have to drop into the machine in order to make it do different types of stitches. Bless him, poor old sod.

BUT no more sewing frustrations for me! Look at this little beauty…complete with all the mod-cons. Love it so much!

My ‘rents-in-law obviously knew what Craig had bought me because they provided me with some accessories. First up, a rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

I have only had this rotary cutter for a week and i really dont know why i didnt buy one before now. It makes life so much easier. If you have a sewing machine, I promise that you will use it more if you get a rotary cutter.

I also got this book. Gotta love a bit of Martha. There are some gorgeous ideas in here.

And for a different kind of crafting, lookeeee here… wooohooooo.

Along with these things I also got a plethora of goodies including a hairdryer, make up, choccies, pjs, slippers, and lots more. AND, I can now drink my tea on the go and look very stylish. A huge thanks to everyone for these lovely pressies. I feel very blessed.

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