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Sheeny Shiny Xmas Trees- Pearlescent Paint on Dark Card

Ever wanted to paint onto dark coloured card? You don’t really see it a lot, which is why cards like this make such an impact.
Its not rocket science as i am sure you can see, but it is rather exciting paint.

I’ve painted the embossed trees using stargazers pearlescent paint from USArtquest. I’ve used these before on a flower card here, so you can see what it looks like on white canvas here, but i think the real WOW factor happens on dark coloured card.

They work the same way as any watercolour paint, but i love the way these are packaged, like a little paint palette, and when you pop off the top, there is a reservoir in the middle where you can swoosh around some water. The paints themselves are really creamy so you only need a little bit of water to create a thick paint that gives a fantastic pearly shine.

Just look at that sheen. Such Christmas magic!

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