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Mister foxy – a denim doorstop

Phew! Just back from a trip to Northern ireland to see the family. Exhausting, but also wonderful. I miss them, but they sure do tire me out when we go back for flying visits.

Piper was an angel on the flight. She looked quite the thing sitting up on her seat, looking out the window at all the clouds.


I contemplated having a {slightly} late MANday Monday, but i think i’ll just keep the card I made for dads birthday until next week. Instead I want to introduce you to Mister Foxy

It was late, but I wasn’t tired, so I set up the iPad with a cheesy movie on LoveFilm (twilight of course) and started pulling out remnants of denim, cutting and stitching. I had no idea what the final piece would be, but it kinda just turned out like this. Isn’t he adorable!

I stuffed him with some stuffing that used to be inside a pillow and then i also filled his bum with rice so he has a bit of weight. He sits upright really well and can even hold the door open.

In the morning I showed him to Piper and she pointed at him and said ‘cat’. LOL. well, almost sweetie, almost a cat. 🙂

Maybe i’ll give him some button eyes, or pick up some teddy bear eyes at the haberdashery department, but until then little french knots will have to do.

Have a good day everyone says Mister Foxy

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