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Camera Linds Giveaway


You may remember this time last year I was significantly rounder (with a big, beautiful, belly full o’ baby), and one of my dear friends, Lindsey, took some gorgeous photos of me and my bump. I was blown away by the finished photos, her work is amazing! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have these photos to remind me of my pregnancy.

I am so excited to share something exciting that Lindsey is doing – a New Years Giveaway! And guess who is taking part! Yip, you guessed it, ME!

As i am not a typical vendor I am a little different from the other wonderfully crafty people that are taking part, but I decided to give away a homemade pencil case, sewn with denim and funky pink fabric. It could also be used to hold make up brushes and a million other things too i guess.

So hop on over to Lindsey’s site CameraLinds for more details on how you can win one of the goodies in the giveaway. You should also take a look through her site to look at all the beautiful photos she has taken. You may even see some faces you recognise!

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