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MAN-day Monday – Valentines cards for Men

(Better late than never…..still having laptop issues but thankfully have been able to publish this post today.)

Its that time of year again- shops are full of pink, red, hearts, frills and pretty, pretty romantic things.

Err, what about the dudes?

It may be a bit of a sweeping statement, but I feel that valentines day is primarily for the ladies, or at least the decorations seem to be. I’m not saying that the boys don’t enjoy the holiday, on the contrary I know lots of guys who spend ages making plans for Feb 14, but I’m sure very few buy into pink and red frilly hearts!?

This led me to a challenge. What kind of cards would a man like to receive for Valentines day?

This was my project, and this is what the result was…

Happy Valentines day.

Did you see that certain letters had a grey outline – lets just say that those letters made up a special three little words!

This is for the guy who is the wind beneath your wings! {chortle}

It kinda reminds me of making paper planes at school. heehee.

and this last one, i think i like the best….

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you had a day full of love. <3

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