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Valentines Treats – Paper Hearts

I wanted to do something special for the guys at Piper’s nursery who work so hard to make each day different, exciting, educational and FUN!
I always love reading the little section on her day sheet that tells us what she has been up to that day.

I got some jellybelly jelly beans {everyone loves those right?} and got crafty, here’s what I came up with…

First i took some copy paper and cut out a heart template, then i traced around the template, onto the back of some scrapbook paper. Next i cut out the hearts with my scissors {note to self: BUY some heart shaped dies!!!}.

I dug through my stash and found some mulberry paper – geez that was a blast from the past! I’m sure i bought it in Glasgow when I worked at Millers Art Shop. It’s also called Silk Straw paper in case you try to find it.

I chopped up pieces of silk straw paper that were bigger than the hearts and then took to the sewing machine. I wasn’t caring about being exact, so i stitched 3/4 of the way around the heart, pausing for a few moments to push in 3 little jelly beans in between the scrapbook paper and the mulberry paper, then i carried on sewing the rest of the way around the heart.

Next step – fraying! With a paint brush dipped in water i drew a line along the mulberry paper, just where the edge of the paper heart was. The water seeps into the mulberry paper and softens the fibres so you can gently pull away the excess paper, leaving a beautiful frayed edge around the heart.

A quick hole punched with my crop-o-dile and of course some bakers twine.

Next step…embellishing! I cut strips of cream coloured paper from the Slice Ledger paper stack (love that stack!). Using a square punch, I cut notches into the ends to make a flag type banner. I managed to find a stamp in my stash that said ‘Happy Valentines Day’ which was perfect for the occasion.

A couple of circles cut with my circle dies and my cuttlebug, and then it was all about the layering!

To finish I made little name tags for each of the girls – which was the worst bit because i was so paranoid that i would forget someone. Luckily i didnt…or maybe they were just too nice to tell me! LOL

I hope you had a lovely week, full of lovely LOVE!

Love and hugs,

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