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Piper Monthly – Eleven Months

The final countdown. We reached eleven months on 16th Feb, and we are just counting down the days until the big ONE YEAR!

This is what eleven months looks like…

– You aren’t quite walking yet but i know it won’t be long. You want to stand up all the time and you know exactly what to do with your feet. You would walk around the room all day as long as we were holding your hands. You haven’t quite mastered the art of balancing quite yet so you won’t venture out on your own. When we try to slip our fingers out from under your grasp, your bum wobbles, you bend your knees and resort back to crawling.

– I’ve noticed that you always take your first step with your left foot – I wonder if this means that you are going to be a leftie?!

– You have 4 teeth on the top and one on the bottom, but another few are coming through now. You keep sticking your tongue out, rubbing it back and forth over your gums. Poor wee honey, it must be sore for you.

– I love that you are a good eater. i don’t love that you get impatient between spoonfuls. Now that your legs are long enough to touch the footrest on the highchair you have discovered that flailing your legs about can make a lot of noise. Each time i am reloading the spoon we get treated to repetitive foot stomping.

– We took you out to the swings for the first time. Initially you were suspicious,but before long you were having a whale of a time. It was such a precious moment that i’ll never forget.

– You saw snow for the first time. We didn’t go out in it because we didn’t have a proper snowsuit for you, but at nursery they brought some snow inside. Apparently you were a little apprehensive of that freezing white stuff!

– You have become super snuggly. You will give cuddles on demand and i can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have your little arms wrapped around my neck as you make that cute ‘aww-ahhh-aww’ sound. Makes me warm and squishy inside.

– Your first valentines’ day. Daddy and I celebrate in an unconventional way but i wanted to do something special for the girls at nursery so i made little sewn paper hearts with jellybeans inside, and a gift and a card for little Alfie of course.

– You are trying so hard to say words. We got a canvas print of you from an online print store, a picture of you at 6 months. At the start you would point and say ‘ba’ {baby} and i would agree and say ‘baby Piper’. Now you are trying to say your name but all that comes out is ‘pa’. Its so cute!

– Bedtimes have gotten so much easier, perhaps the Grizzlies room tires you out more. We go upstairs, brush your teeth, read two books and have a two minute snuggle whilst i tell you how much i love you. I lie you down, tuck you in, kiss your head and walk out. Not a single peep.(…wonder how long that will last?!)

– You have started doing something really funny. When we are eating you want to hold it and feed it to us. You fed me a whole muffin last week and yesterday you held out a breakfast bar for daddy to eat. At times you hold it out then whip it away just as we try to bite down. You think it is hilarious! Cheeky monkey!

– I found some cut out painted paper animals which had been in your nursery bag. Rachel said you had so much fun painting them. I can’t wait to get these up on the wall in a display. {i sense a trip to ikea coming on soon!}

– M&H came round one weekend to celebrate burns night. You got your first taste of Haggis, neeps and tatties. You would pick up fist fills and try to shovel it into your mouth. Lots of it landed on the floor but we were so surprised you took any at all.

you’re getting so big, little girl!

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