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A Pretty, Personalised Multi Purpose Card {for Kat}

Hello my chickens

I am super late in posting this card. I made it at Phil’s request as a Valentines card for his gf Kat. It was only when i was uploading the photos that i realised that is doesn’t look specifically Valentinesy (yes, i just made up that word! Whatcha gonna do about it!?).

I ordered some goodies from theribbonreel.co.uk a little while back and one of the items i got was these small circular doilies. Crafters are starting to branch out into the world of doilies and coffee filters and other such everyday things to add to their projects, so i couldn’t resist giving them a try. I thought that i might pick up a doily shaped die so i could cut my own, but at 50p for a pack of 10, this route was more appealing to my bank balance.

I had SOOOOO much fun making this card. Do you ever make a card and then afterwards kinda wish it was you that was receiving it! LOL. Well, thats my confession, i kinda felt like that with this card.

The colours are bright and fun, and did i mention b.r.i.g.h.t.  {xoxo} 🙂

The rosette was cut using a metal die and the negative had a really cool zigzag edge, so rather than throwing it away i incorporated it into the design. You can see it used as a funky border on the photo below.


To add a looove feel, hearts were required. I thought i might find some heart shaped buttons but they were all too big and imposing, so instead i cut out some hearts from shrink plastic and blasted them with my heat gun. I used Glossy Accents to stick them to the card as it dries clear.

I used my machine to sew around the outside of the card, leaving a gap near the hearts so the eye would be drawn to this area.

And below…proof on the inside that it was a Valentines Day card.

Thanks for stopping by.



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