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Handmade Fabric Sewing Machine Cover

This is my new girlfriend. She’s beautiful, and didn’t come cheap I’m sure { thank goodness I was a good girl all year and Santa splurged on me}. All the more reasons why I was a little disappointed that It didn’t come with a proper case or cover.

My old beast came with a solid case which was great. The plastic was sturdy, like those old suitcases, but had severely yellowed in its old age so it was by no means pretty. But I strongly believe that the old man lasted so long because he had a protective case to ensure that he was safe.

At first I thought I would just use the old case. Nah! It was u.g.l.y. Not suitable for my new dream machine.

It came to me.


Err, I could make one. Y’know, with that new machine that I just got!

It was one of those moments of brilliance that makes you embarrassed that it took you so long to get there. Lol.

I didn’t use a pattern (a what now!?). I just used my tape measure to measure the height of the machine and the depth, then cut fabric with extra so I could allow for any mistakes. I wanted to include a flap so that I could carry my machine with the carry handle whilst covered, and it didn’t take long to work out the logistics of that. Once I had sewn the top edges together I sewed the corners to make a box shape (not sure what that technique is called), then tidied the bottom edge my sewing a seam.

I’m not sure if I’m done yet. Maybe i’ll add some embellishments and pretty it up a bit, perhaps some frills or something cute. But for now, it’s a functional cover. That I made. Love it!

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