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MAN-day Monday : Mackenzie's First Birthday

Good morning, good morning! Did you have a wonderful weekend? Ours was fun, we went to soft play to celebrate Mackenzie’s first birthday. Pam and I were due on the same date, but as fate would have it, Mackenzie arrived early and Piper arrived late so there are three weeks between Mac and Pi. Here’s my little bear and big bear having lots of fun! For today’s MAN-day Monday card I want to share the birthday card I made for Mackenzie’s first birthday. We also have a video tutorial of how i made this card which is available for our members to watch. If you haven’t signed up to be a member yet, click on the sign up tab at the top right. This is how you access all the downloadable content such as this video and other digital elements which you can use for your crafty projects. {note this is different from becoming a newsletter subscriber, but whilst you’re at it, you might as well do that too!} So here it is, Happy Birthday Mac! And thanks for the invite to the party I had lots of fun, errr, i mean, Piper had lots of fun! Thanks for popping by and don’t forget to check out the video. Products Used

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